Glad I'm A Texan...

And not an Iowan. Though I feel that a lot of what the potential presidential nominees are doing in their insanely massive campaign for the Iowa caucus is necessary to both inform the citizens, and boost them to the polls, it seems overwhelming. I'm grateful that I can sit quietly in the back viewing section of this arena, taking a long time to form my opinions, and basically choosing how much of their propaganda I take in.

Couple short notes

- I'm thankful that the abortion issue is on the back burner during this election as we all realize that what we really need is not someone pro-life or pro-choice, but someone who can successfully steer us back into honor, safety, wisdom, and economical success. Seriously, nothing ever gets done with abortion from term to term anyway. Pro-lifers -- just get used to it.

- Huckabee is way up in the polls. That news sent a hypothetical chill down my spine. The brother is an ordained Baptist minister. I love my Baptist family and friends, but that little license inclines me to worry about this guy's preparation to be a sage, objective President.

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Steph said...

Yes, I too feel a little suspicious of Huckabee...it's sad to say, but it seems like the Christians in the public eye that make a big deal about being Christian, never seem to represent very well. We'll see...

Glad to see you back on the blog. Hope you had a nice Christmas and New Year!