Debauchery on my Tongue

Fresh foods! For the past month or so, I have cooked most of my meals. The greenest greens, brightest yellows, and most lovely reds have all graced my skillet. Chicken dances tenderly onto my plate and pasta shimmers like delight in a bowl.

Today, for the second time, I noticed what an effect on my palette/taste buds all this freshness has had. Resorting to fast food in a break between my first and my second job, I picked up a "Regular with cheese" and curly fries and Arby's. The sandwich was bland, with too much bread, and odd cheese (probably canned). The fries were... great.

The thing is, I usually eat Cheese-Its (spelling?) in the car as a semi-healthy snack in lieu of fries or fast food. Following up my greasy meal, I popped a few Cheese-Its for a familiar taste. They tasted terrible! A snack that I usually love, had melted in desirability after those grease-ridden monsters and that terrible cheese destroyed my mouth's sense of right and wrong, good and bad. I knew this indicated that my meal had been utter trash and I had sinned against my purified palette.

Bah! Back to fresh foods for Miss June Wild!



Tonight I made a beautiful plate of oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for my friend Austin and his apartment-mates. We are all in the same class tomorrow morning, and I thought it would be nice to bring the cookies over, and perhaps talk about the assignment that is due in the morning. I put them on a pretty plate that has only been used for cookies so far.

I called Austin, but he did not answer. I figured that he and his friends were still practicing for inter mural football. However, I know that they never lock their apartment, and they wouldn't mind if I slipped in to deliver the cookies.

So, I walked over to their apartment, knocked on the door, waited a sufficient amount of time, and then opened it. Lo-and-behold, the first things my eyes landed on was a plate of sugar cookies!!! It had a note on it that asked for the boys to kindly return the plate. I couldn't believe it! Someone beat me to the cookie-gifting!

I turned right around and took my cookies back home with me.

In other news:

I made the Honors list!
My first list to make in college!!!!!!!!!!!

I might read something (a paper or poetry)
at the Paideia Conference.

Clinton won in Florida.

Half of the cookies were a burnt batch, anyway.

I have a new poem brewing.

Tonight I returned a way-too-expensive rug back to Target
and exchanged it for a bed skirt, pillowcases, and $$$$.

I successfully denied myself $8 clearance Issac Mizrahi loafers
and a $12 I.M. white oxford shirt.

Mitch is coming to see me this weekend
for an early Valentines celebration!


My 365 Project

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a great photo project website, PhotoJojo

It had a suggestion for a 365-day project that I quite liked, which is to take one picture every day for a year, on the premise that it would be cool to look back on a collection of photographs that document an entire year in one's life. Now, this may sound easy to anyone with a camera and a spare second, but I have actually found it to be a pleasant creative challenge to make sure I am photographing something new everyday. Since I use film, as opposed to a digital camera, by pictures will come in installments. I missed a few days on this go-around, but I hope to not miss anymore.

January 6- one of my favorite curves on the road
between here and Nacogdoches, where my extended family resides

January 10
Here is one of the two teacup&saucers that
Mitch gave to me for Christmas. I adore them.

January 12
I made this! I got the idea for this stand-up jewelry box
from a magazine. It is a shadow box, lined with paper,
with two knobs and a key holder punched through the back.

I made blueberry love muffins for my flatmates.

January 13
Self-portrait in my happy little room,
in my new dress. Though it is completely out of focus,
I am quite fond of this picture.

January 14
My shelf life. Before the addition of my
new bookshelf (not pictured), my at-hand books
were all crammed on this shelf on the wall.

January 15
Chicken! Peppers! Potatoes! Asparagus!

January 16
The first meeting of the leaders of the Literary Revolution!
That might sound comical, but we met to discuss the
community of young thinkers, readers, scientists,
poets, and people, that we are about to launch.

January 17
Dallas Museum of Art.

January 18
Self-portrait taken after the last day
of my mini-term, on which I wore the new dress
and performed a new poem.

January 20
Upon realizing that my pink and white outfit matched
the entire bathroom at this movie theater.

January 21
A lanky charmer.

January 23
Holding the plane he constructs daily.



School starts today!!!

I'm so excited!!!

I have a great feeling about this semester. My schedule is packed, my love is away at law school, but the Lord is faithful and I am so eager to do well! Hoorah! 3 more semesters of undergrad!



Her body so dense
Waddles slow in purple silk
Each movement- effort

Greased hair vibrant pink
Pulled back from mature black skin
Red lips smile at me

Queen sits in the front
Alone, making cursive notes
I think we should lunch.


At Least "That Girl!" is Never Forgotten

This week marks an insignificant, but novel, event in my life. I am taking my first mini-term. In 5 days flat (starting yesterday, ahem) I will complete an entire course on Intro to Fine Arts. Thrilling.

While I have said some things in class that might have made eyes roll, perhaps because I'm a couple years older than most of the class or because I'm sliiiiiiightly interested in those things called the fine arts, I stand proud tonight, after the second day of class, of my interjections and lack of fear in discussing the meaning of art and "my reaction" to several pieces of top-notch visual art and one single e.e. cummings poem.

The dangerously large mountain that I just whisked out of a molehill should topple here. In any case, so far it has been enjoyable to hold brief conversations with students I would never had met, and relive the torture of group projects and weird class presentations.

To top off the grandeur of this mini-term we will each present an original piece of art. A poem that has been brewing in my head for some months now will finally be let out of it's cage. I humbly and earnestly hope that I do not disappoint myself with it.



Glad I'm A Texan...

And not an Iowan. Though I feel that a lot of what the potential presidential nominees are doing in their insanely massive campaign for the Iowa caucus is necessary to both inform the citizens, and boost them to the polls, it seems overwhelming. I'm grateful that I can sit quietly in the back viewing section of this arena, taking a long time to form my opinions, and basically choosing how much of their propaganda I take in.

Couple short notes

- I'm thankful that the abortion issue is on the back burner during this election as we all realize that what we really need is not someone pro-life or pro-choice, but someone who can successfully steer us back into honor, safety, wisdom, and economical success. Seriously, nothing ever gets done with abortion from term to term anyway. Pro-lifers -- just get used to it.

- Huckabee is way up in the polls. That news sent a hypothetical chill down my spine. The brother is an ordained Baptist minister. I love my Baptist family and friends, but that little license inclines me to worry about this guy's preparation to be a sage, objective President.