the one millionth occurence of saying the same thing at the same time

Sara: yeah! last night (in my dream) I weighed 138 lb.s!!!

James: no!

Sara: yeah!!

James: are you sure it wasn't missing a decimal
13.8 pounds

Sara: lol

James: or maybe it was 138 pounds on the moon

Sara: or dream pounds

James: the gravity's different, you know

Sara: which mean love

James: 138 pounds of love

Sara: 138 pounds of love

James: haha

Sara: hax
we're ridiculous


A Novel Summer


Oh, hooray! I have finished a majority of my course work. All that remains to be done: 

1) Finish my thesis :)
2) An interview with a 'nam war vet
3) 3 trips to Mission Arlington and 3 corresponding reports (1 pg.) of philosophic conversations there (bleh!!!)
4) 1 Spanish test and 1 pg. letter using the subjunctive
5) Send out graduation announcements


I shall read only novels until the end of August! I hope you, my friends, will send me a couple of suggestions. Here are a few things I know I want to read.

1) The Silmarillion 
2) Dante's Inferno
3) A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
4) The Little Prince (again)
5) The Chronicles of Narnia (I think I've only read 3)
6) Harry Potter 6 and 7 (again) 

I will have to be thinking about what other titles to add to the list. Okay, I better get back to work. I'm at Starbucks in West Village. 


Come home, Alyssa!

What a lovely afternoon it is! Today I find myself between job interviews, stationed at Crooked Tree Coffeehouse, writing a comparison of the Republic and Utopia in my thesis. 

I made this short video for Alyssa the other day, and thought I should post it for her enjoyment.

My thesis is going well, I hope to wrap up this section today or tomorrow. I need to make some headway on a Love Poetry paper today and tomorrow, too.  

While we're waiting for the video to load I will share something that I've been reflecting on lately that has brought me some joy. In one of my classes it is easy to become discouraged about the future of man. It shows me how dangerously connected to technology and how it handicaps us mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It tells me that man is only concerned about efficiency, power, and money. It is easy to dispair when considering these things. Yet, my spirits are renewed tremendously when I see things like Spring Sing or my colleagues taking picnics, eating pancakes, and discussing poetry. Watching peers dance and sing reminds me that we still have some sort of spirit, some connection with folk song and story, some spark of creativity. For these I give all praise and honor to the Lord who puts dance into our step and song into our heart.