i felt like a headliner

Man. Today was Thursday. My Texan accent is thick lately. It gets like that in the summer. I know, because I'm narrating this in my head right now, and it sounds pretty convoluted.

"Torrential" rains caused the "student ministry team" (Carissa and I) to call off the trip to Main Event today. I was a little bummed, but a bit relieved. That is two events this week that the rain has upset.

In Burnet, only hicks and cowboys are allowed to wear camo print anything. Jacob informed me of that since I have been wearing a camo baseball cap around lately. I love it. I have NEVER been a hat wearer, but man is it addicting. So, today my brother and I went to this little Mexican restaurant called EL RANCHO. Seriously. There was hardly a Mexican in sight, besides the ones cooking the food. Everyone dining for lunch appeared to have come straight off some EL RANCH-O somewhere. I was wearing my camo baseball cap. Multiple "What is she?" and "There is no way that girl is country" looks were shot my way. Tasty soup, though.

A wreck happened right behind me in Marble Falls today. I think I could have been the (efficient) cause.

Josh, Josh, and I did the VBS skit and then headed back to da-house. I was hit with a burst of creativity so I shut myself up in my room. An hour later I flew out of there with a new poem on my laptop, and threw my little brother in the car, along with my laptop and a notebook of poetry. I headed over to Kiri's coffee shop where OPEN MIC NIGHT was going on. I encouraged a familiar poet to read some more of his poetry (which he did), and asked Lonnie to sing and play a few more songs on his guitar (which he did), and then I was welcomed up to the mic. I apologized for bringing my laptop up there with me (not romantic or poetic in any way), and then I read about four things. The place was dead silent for me. It was neat. My new poem had a great response. It was about Burnet.


last pretty tuesday in the month of june wild

blackbird singin' in the dead of night
take these broken wings and learn to fly
all your life
you were only waiting, for this moment to arrive

Today is Pretty Tuesday, day for a dress and a swipe of lipstick. I am stewing over the writing I have before me to accomplish. I know I need to write about the last year, and my feelings about my future move. However, I am hesitating. I need to work through all the lessons I learned and cast them into words on a screen, or on paper. Oh fond memorie of a day spent riding bikes with good friends, and reflections on the dull yellow glow of the too-familiar kitchen in this little house on Wofford; I will wrap you all up with your fellow remembered moments and stow you into paragraphs and phrases. Later.

I happened upon a good occasion to talk to two different 20-somethings today at Kiri's Coffee Shop. One of them directs the local Boys and Girls Club. She has lived a lot already. She told me about bike and coffee shop culture in Northern California. Then later, I spoke with the other girl, a young married, who with her husband just moved back to Texas from Germany. She is working on her thesis about alternate fuel sources. We discussed the deathly slow pace of federal government jobs, and how she thought she would find an improved working situation at the city-level. She also informed me that it cost her one penny + 15 dollars in taxes to take a plane from Germany to Rome. My jaw dropped.

I have much more to accomplish today. God is good.


hail blogger

I created a blogger account a long time ago, but I could not carry it to completion. I think I was unable to at that time. Perhaps technical difficulties were holding me back. Today I slept in and woke up to work on my Itunes. Working on it always consists of identifying which tracks on my Itunes I do not have all of the information for (usually the album name). Then I search for it online and enter the name, and make sure the album cover registers, too. Eventually I will get an Ipod and all of this tedious and meaningless work will be redeemed with meaning and purpose.

I'm wearing all white today.

My brother, Joshua, is going to come here tomorrow, I think. That will be so great. I look forward to catching up with him and getting to know him more. I think he's changed a lot since I graduated and moved out. Neat.

Mary is in New York.

Sarah and I might go into business together.

Lately, I've been low on confidence when I'm around my church family. I don't know why.