Debauchery on my Tongue

Fresh foods! For the past month or so, I have cooked most of my meals. The greenest greens, brightest yellows, and most lovely reds have all graced my skillet. Chicken dances tenderly onto my plate and pasta shimmers like delight in a bowl.

Today, for the second time, I noticed what an effect on my palette/taste buds all this freshness has had. Resorting to fast food in a break between my first and my second job, I picked up a "Regular with cheese" and curly fries and Arby's. The sandwich was bland, with too much bread, and odd cheese (probably canned). The fries were... great.

The thing is, I usually eat Cheese-Its (spelling?) in the car as a semi-healthy snack in lieu of fries or fast food. Following up my greasy meal, I popped a few Cheese-Its for a familiar taste. They tasted terrible! A snack that I usually love, had melted in desirability after those grease-ridden monsters and that terrible cheese destroyed my mouth's sense of right and wrong, good and bad. I knew this indicated that my meal had been utter trash and I had sinned against my purified palette.

Bah! Back to fresh foods for Miss June Wild!


Sarah Dossey said...

I loved this post - such emotion, such power!

here's to you, miss June Wild (Maybe Wilde would be a more interesting spelling,) for helping me start off my morning on the right foot.

Steph said...

Sara, May I lovingly ask?...What is all this crap flying around your blog???!!!

Alyssa Lynn said...

Yeah i was wondering the same thing...why do things explode at the top of your blog?

and food oh food is so great!

Mitch M said...
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Mitch M said...

Debauchery, eh? I heard some young girls speaking of being grocery store snobs. I think I am one. I like my H-E-B Plus. I would like a Central Market.

I'm trying not to make the fast food places here into monuments of familiarity. I've determined that it's not only the convenience but also the comfort of going to the same place. So, I make my random meals at my apartment in attempt to thwart this very things.

On a related note, I found the nearest Dairy Queen. It is less than two miles from my apartment. OH, sweet Sara-ndipity!

molly fantastic said...

this was fabulous.

rachel said...

Sara, I can relate!!!!!! I gave up dairy and meat and eat i've eaten almost everything organic and fresh for the past 9 months... and in a lapse of judgement i went to CHICK FIL A two days ago.

let's just say I'm still recovering.