It Didn't Rain Today

1) Can you believe that tonight I will begin to pack my suitcase in anticipation of my departure on Friday?

2) Thoughts and feelings are like sand. They have characteristics of being real, but you cannot hold on to them. Pack them together as hard as you might, and still they evade permanence through the cracks between your fingers.

3) I am in love. Love is all you need.


Angie Jolie has the most beautiful face I've ever seen.

A List of Other Beautiful Women:

The woman at the D.I.A, pictured above, in front of a mural by Diego Rivera.

Peggy, my yoga instuctor, picture to come when the next film is developed.

Stephanie Cease, for always living joyfully, while remaining genuine at all times. There she is second from the left, three years ago.

The artist lady at Bible Study and Dostoevsky group. She speaks like rubies and diamonds shine-- beautifully.

My mother. Just look at her. Momma gives me unending encouragement, advice, knowledge, and creative freedom.

My Granny, pictured here with my youngest sister, Jade. She is the biggest constant in my life and her house is my safe place. I've had more dreams that take place in her home than any other location.

Incredibly, there are many, many more beautiful women in my life, but I need to get ready to go now. My friends and I are actually going to this little cafe called The Raven tonight in Port Huron. I'm looking forward to it.


A Few More Things About Michigan

Here I am at the Detroit Institute of Arts!

1) I'll be home not next Friday, but the Friday after that. Can you believe that?!

2) There is no night time speed limit here. You go the same speed at night. This is what is posted:

Speed Limit
Truck Speed
Minimum Speed

It is pretty neat that big trucks have to go slow. Makes things nice.

3) Whoever first said that the moon is made out of cheese is a really funny guy. Tonight it looked like a strangely cut crescent shaped slice of sharp cheddar.

4) There has been lightning for hours now.

5) It is still IN THE MID-EIGHTIES! Today, at the beach, I never felt hot. Never.


June's Next Two Years

Okay, what do you think about this:

This year I wrap up my baccalaureate at DBU: Major in philosophy, minor in English. I take the GRE sometime soon, one of my first weekends back in Dallas, hopefully. Now even if I'm not planning to go to grad school next fall, but two years from now, do I go ahead and get letters of recommendation? What would they do with them? Maybe not, because I could always have my professors write them to include whatever I end up doing in my time off? Is that right?

Next summer I volunteer with Mary somewhere we can really help people/animals. Possibly South Africa where she has friends doing work with HIV/AIDS clinics. I'm not ready for this to be my last summer of adventure, even though it has been quite challenging to be away for this long.

Next fall I move in with a friend (could this be you?) somewhere in Dallas, work at some kind of preschool, and enroll myself in an Alternative Teacher Certification program. There are approximately twenty programs in the area. I'd like to stay in Dallas so I can keep up with Poetry Night and the groups at the Veritas house. Those are communities that leaving would cause my heart to break a little. Plus, I love my church. And why would I want to miss out on Evan's fabulous parties? Otherwise I'd be up for a move to Austin, and yes, even Waco. I really doubt I could keep up rent plus all my other bills alone, though. I need a roommate. One.

While I am taking my year off from school I can brush up on the philosophers I didn't get to: Hegel, Schopenhauer, Marx, etc., and of course, more Heidegger. I can also do some Rosetta Stone Latin, because I haven't started learning either classical language. I polish up my wriing sample and get letters of recommendation. I apply to MA and Doc philosophy programs at schools A, B, and D.

Fall of 2010 I have my Teaching Certificate, great. I've found a job at a public school and I'm happily teaching, and I'm going to school in the evenings at whichever place was gracious enough to let me in.

I just wanted to get all of this out of my head, and my journal doesn't count because it's an extension of my head. This is for real.