Tonight I made a beautiful plate of oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies for my friend Austin and his apartment-mates. We are all in the same class tomorrow morning, and I thought it would be nice to bring the cookies over, and perhaps talk about the assignment that is due in the morning. I put them on a pretty plate that has only been used for cookies so far.

I called Austin, but he did not answer. I figured that he and his friends were still practicing for inter mural football. However, I know that they never lock their apartment, and they wouldn't mind if I slipped in to deliver the cookies.

So, I walked over to their apartment, knocked on the door, waited a sufficient amount of time, and then opened it. Lo-and-behold, the first things my eyes landed on was a plate of sugar cookies!!! It had a note on it that asked for the boys to kindly return the plate. I couldn't believe it! Someone beat me to the cookie-gifting!

I turned right around and took my cookies back home with me.

In other news:

I made the Honors list!
My first list to make in college!!!!!!!!!!!

I might read something (a paper or poetry)
at the Paideia Conference.

Clinton won in Florida.

Half of the cookies were a burnt batch, anyway.

I have a new poem brewing.

Tonight I returned a way-too-expensive rug back to Target
and exchanged it for a bed skirt, pillowcases, and $$$$.

I successfully denied myself $8 clearance Issac Mizrahi loafers
and a $12 I.M. white oxford shirt.

Mitch is coming to see me this weekend
for an early Valentines celebration!

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monica said...

oh cookies...

shaking fist in the air!!!