There is one little girl in my preschool class who is always a delight. She makes me laugh so much, without ever trying to be funny. Her hand never rises to strike another child. Today when she woke up from her nap she just walked up to me, looked into my face and then gave me a big hug around my middle. She runs with her hands flying behind her. Yesterday, she played at being an especially fierce tiger. Her little black face transformed into the wild visage of the most terrible jungle animal, and her usually meek voice roared loud! She bared her tiny white teeth, and as she struggled to keep the smile off her face, she gave me a scary growl and said, "I'll get you Miss Sara! I'm a tiger!" That makes me love my job.


clark said...

No whey. And I bet there's a little boy who wears glasses that is a wise owl. On a somewhat related note, there are these gentlemen who drive around Market Street with a PA system on their truck. They drive around playing elephant sounds.

Sarah Dossey said...

my niece, Claire, who is staying at my house in CO right now with us, and who is also very sick, is possibly the cutest little girl you might meet.

today, we were in Borders (because Alvin was sold out at the Alpine Theatre) and she kept pointing at movies such as Curious George, and books like the Christmas Mouse, saying, "Sarah, don't you like this?" and I would say yes, and she would say "well, you should definitely buy it!" Then, she would grab my pinky and take me to the next cartoon character in the store, and say the same thing.

She wants me to enjoy the things that she wants to enjoy. I think it's sweet.