Oh man, am I baby crazy right now or what? Goodness, me! What a friend to have in a tiny hand, tiny heart! What breath of metaphysical newness and dew! Congratulations to the Ashbrook's and welcome to the world, Lara Elisabeth! 


Bringing Forth

My soul becomes three things in the evening when I am on my own:

melancholy, melodic, and, irritable. 

In other news, what's going on with Obama lately? For some reason I cannot get hooked on his CNN coverage now that he's in office. It must be because there are just so many things that he is signing that I am not even attempting to keep up. I wish there was a twitter account with his updates in very basic terms and no links. 

I had a great time chatting with Monica Hopkins tonight. 

You know, I'm not sure how I feel about censorship. I really am not. Kyle Worley is presenting a paper on Platonic censorship at the Paideia Conference, so I think I will go to that and hear his argument. On the one hand, there should always be freedom to write and read the truth or poetry or whatever, but also we need to be wary of the power that literature and the arts have over the soul and mind. How are public schools to judge what ideas they are to keep away from their students? What implicit power do they have to take autonomy away from students and teachers? 

What's got me thinking is word that CISD is debating banning Pillars of the Earth from the G/T, honors, AP reading list. I'll be attending the school board meeting on Monday evening in support of the book and the teacher who has been assigning it for years.