Every day the sun is a little closer and I try to put off outdoor activites until sunset. My new home is starting to come together. It's only been two days, but I already love living alone. My heart swells every time I'm in a room and think, "This. This is mine. This little kitchen is mine. This little patio is mine." I am both alone and very happy.

Having roommates for four years was an irreplaceable experience that was each day both a blessing and a catalyst for growth. Coming home to my sisters (over 10 of them altogether) was so fun, whether I just joined them on the couch for a little Bravo time or if I came in just in time to get slammed with a heart to heart. Though we incessantly poked fun at each other, we truly created a remarkable sisterhood within the walls of 1204 and it those times have indelibly shaped me and will linger in my memories forever.  

I've done this before. Moved. Started over. Embraced a new community. Reached out to new friends. All of these experiences are recorded in my public blogs and private diaires, for which I am grateful. In each move one can read both apprehension and excitement, lonliness and exhilaration, and above all, hope. My wish for my time in Waco is that my hope perseveres, that my day love is deepened, that my faith is strengthened, and that I remember that each of these are gifts from God. They are not of me. 

But for the grace of God, nothing. But for the grace of God, nothing. 


A Few Scenes From Nacogdoches

Advanced Thinking

I graduated.

I graduated from college and I feel good. The last few days have been spent nestled in east Texas. I'm trying to relax, catch up on movies I never got around to seeing, embark on my "novel" summer, recharge my soul. It usually works. This place is good for a body. The red dirt is good. The proud, straight trees are good. At night the stars pour through deep navy sky. I'm praying to see one fall before my eyes. That is how I know I'm okay.

Time is well spent here, though it lulls between the hours. My aunt taught me how to knit and I have some sort of green creation waiting for me on gold colored knitting needles when I have a minute or two. There are some mistakes in it, but it's amusing to stretch out what I've completed and see it taking shape. Up around down. Up around down. Down around up. Down around up.


last day of undergrad starts in less than 3 hours

Tonight I feel like a robot. Tomorrow I shall feel like a freed woman.