Quick update on my status.

Once again I would like to say that this blog has always been quite personal, meant for the enjoyment of myself and my friends and I do not claim to be an authority on anything, other than myself. Let us look at the evolution of the word "blog." What does it  come from? Web log, of course. We all know that. Now, where does "log" come from? I do not know. BUT (see, I told you I am no expert) I do know that people, especially men, have kept logs of their activity for a very long time. Seamen used to do it. Maybe they still do. Anyway, since my first xanga (or was it livejournal? no. xanga) the intent has always been to record what is going on in life, for my own personal record, and to share these events and ideas with my friends. I just do not want to be grouped with my peers who have blogs so that they can have some sort of e-authority. Not me. 

Anyway, I am just taking a short mental break from working on my thesis. This morning I completed the introduction. I am about to draft the next section, a brief introduction to the history of Utopic writing. 

Oh, and I am in Waco right now, at Common Grounds,

Also, the Paideaia Conference has come and gone and it was completely wonderful. Plus, Mitch and I caught a show with the Ruse's in Austin. We saw Conspirare perform Rachmaninoff's Vespers. Perfection.

- June.

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