lovely, lovely days ahead

Oh, job fair! I went to one yesterday and it was the PITS. Maybe something good will come of it. I know I need a job lined up for when I graduate in less than two months. I know the Lord has something for me. What I do not know is what it will be and what I will need to do to receive it.

Is it too dreamy to ask for a simple job that will work for me and what I want to do? I want a 9-5 that will facilate my higher goals for the next 1-2 years. I want this time to be an intense time of educating myself, throughout which I will stick to an intense, extensive reading list. If at all possible, I would like to have a job that will further my understanding of schools and the education system, i.e. teaching. But that is not my biggest goal right now. 

While at  university, I've learned so much and so very little. I've been introduced to many big names, big ideas, big questions.  That is all a bachelor's degree is for, especially in the humanities: introductions. Now in a crowded room I could tell Kant from Hume. We've met. But still I do not know their hearts. I do not know their depths. 

So before grad school, before career, before marraige and babies there is only right now, there is only my pursuit of God, pursuit of wisdom, enjoyment of my love, my life, and the clouds I sleep upon at night. Sprinkle my sidewalks with petals. I am in no hurry to be impressive. All I want to do is love and learn. 

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