Twenty Two

LaGuardia Airport, Thursday, 1 pm ET

I've never written a blog in an airport before. Hooray! 

Tomorrow is my 22nd birthday. I don't really have any plans. I think it would be nice to spend some time reading outside. On Saturday my roommates and I might do something and then on Sunday I'll go home to Cleburne for some birthday action, too. 

Anyway. So. Have I grown in the last year? Yes. I have. In some ways I've proved myself, in some I've failed. I think my soul has grown some. In the last year:

@ I've thrown dinner parties and learned how to be a more gracious hostess, especially by oberving some of my favorite hostesses, K. Ruse and D.Kappellman. 

@I picked up a new hobby, yoga, and went on a new adventure, Michigan.

@I learned how to speak a little more clearly to one of my heroes, Dr. Naugle.

@I allowed myself to be vulnerable and tell my story to a table full of friends and colleagues. 

@I saw the last of my tuition at DBU be paid off.

@I came up with an original idea, or two. Yes!!!

@I grew super irritable and saw how irrational I can be. Meh. 

@I suffered a tragic loss when my peace lilly died, and got over it. :)

There are many things I could list. Still, there are many more intangible things that I couldn't-- and those are the most important. Those moments that are so awesome that the awe seems to come from a mysterious, veiled place-- those are the best, and although I cannot write them all down or even know them all anymore, I know they happened. I know, somehow, I've grown. 22.

(Ooh, something cool Mitch and I saw yesterday in Times Square is that the 2009 ball is still there. I didn't know that the ball stays in place all year. Cool!)

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