water reflections

Tonight the sun sank down in violet blue water, behind the yellow lights on the horizon. Evening sky sings like a clear alto melody; strong and beautiful. Beautiful like a sister, like a poplar, like a tear, like deep breathing.

I will reflect a bit with you my friend. My friend I will think and dream and murmur laughs with you. Let us take some moments to dip our hands in the cool memory waters, press flowers of contentment and regret into closed chapters of voluminous journals. We will love each other, my sister, my brother, with every careful display of the past. Your welcome reception of my raw vulnerability will crush me with its swift and powerful wave of love. How I will adore your fragile knees and we will shake our heads. Shake our heads. Oh! We will shake our heads, so slow, so truthfully, at our past immaturity. Our ignorance. Our terrible terrible. 

How glad-- how glad does the light of God make your heart? Does it fill you up anew? How glad does it make you? How glad?

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Anonymous said...

Glad enough to go visit SMU and whore myself out for money.

I'm going to Dallas on the 14th of this month and I think our fat brains would enjoy conversing with each other.

get in contact with me.