Charmless Dolt

Today a young man walked into Crooked Tree who was absolutely without charm. His assessment of the menu hanging above the cash register was brief. He assaulted the Chai by flippantly speaking of it and then throwing it out. Then, still charmlessly, he questioned which type of chocolate was in the hot chocolate. WHAT? You crazy boy defunct of cheer and charm! Stop your silly questions! Then he just got the cider after his question about the type of chocolate was not answered to his satisfaction. To give him the benefit of the doubt, I later directed a question his way about his small computer. He just told me it was a Dell. What a dolt.

According to Victorian ideals, this is when he stumbles upon an innocent and sweet girl who makes him morally better. Eh. Good luck


Clark said...

The way you see things and the way you make me see things is so refreshing. Please continue to share these observations with me and others.


molly fantastic said...

i too enjoyed this.
ps. you posted at 12:34 :)