five minutes more

I. Tonight fills itself with the study of linguistics. I am enjoying the ideas and information. The thought about a people defining a dictionary, which is usually considered (albeit slightly in error) to define words, was really interesting because looking at it that way returns language to this beautiful, organic, and even supernatural phenomenon that we shape and live in. We sometimes squirm around in it awkwardly, soar on its poetry declaring love and beauty, retreat to it when matters need sorting out, dance on it in the rhythms of music and intensity. Do we not also inflate it with evil and coarseness? Do we not often take elite words and drag them down into the mundane? Do we not war with it? Oh, language! Who will defend you?

II. Finding one's identity in God, in who he is and who he makes you essentially be, is invaluble and necessary for peace. Otherwise, we are defined by changing things, like ourselves and the reactions of peers and strangers. We either cling to his immovableness, or are blighted from all sides with totally random events that lift us up or bring us down. Our minds are so fallible! So often deceived! We know so little about the world, about others, about the inner workings, about minutia, about ourselves. Yes, it might be and probably is that we know hardly anything about God. But let us never doubt that he is forever the same, forever just, and forever loving. When He loves us, we are more than minds, more than bodies, we are souls lifted up, and saved.

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roberrrrtt said...

"But the tongue of the wise brings healing" Proverbs 12:18

your words bring healing.