i felt like a headliner

Man. Today was Thursday. My Texan accent is thick lately. It gets like that in the summer. I know, because I'm narrating this in my head right now, and it sounds pretty convoluted.

"Torrential" rains caused the "student ministry team" (Carissa and I) to call off the trip to Main Event today. I was a little bummed, but a bit relieved. That is two events this week that the rain has upset.

In Burnet, only hicks and cowboys are allowed to wear camo print anything. Jacob informed me of that since I have been wearing a camo baseball cap around lately. I love it. I have NEVER been a hat wearer, but man is it addicting. So, today my brother and I went to this little Mexican restaurant called EL RANCHO. Seriously. There was hardly a Mexican in sight, besides the ones cooking the food. Everyone dining for lunch appeared to have come straight off some EL RANCH-O somewhere. I was wearing my camo baseball cap. Multiple "What is she?" and "There is no way that girl is country" looks were shot my way. Tasty soup, though.

A wreck happened right behind me in Marble Falls today. I think I could have been the (efficient) cause.

Josh, Josh, and I did the VBS skit and then headed back to da-house. I was hit with a burst of creativity so I shut myself up in my room. An hour later I flew out of there with a new poem on my laptop, and threw my little brother in the car, along with my laptop and a notebook of poetry. I headed over to Kiri's coffee shop where OPEN MIC NIGHT was going on. I encouraged a familiar poet to read some more of his poetry (which he did), and asked Lonnie to sing and play a few more songs on his guitar (which he did), and then I was welcomed up to the mic. I apologized for bringing my laptop up there with me (not romantic or poetic in any way), and then I read about four things. The place was dead silent for me. It was neat. My new poem had a great response. It was about Burnet.

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Sarah said...


i enjoy that you have relocated. it makes things easier for me. you inspire me to write more. i hope you know that. you actually inspire me to be a lot of things. i hope you know that too.