hail blogger

I created a blogger account a long time ago, but I could not carry it to completion. I think I was unable to at that time. Perhaps technical difficulties were holding me back. Today I slept in and woke up to work on my Itunes. Working on it always consists of identifying which tracks on my Itunes I do not have all of the information for (usually the album name). Then I search for it online and enter the name, and make sure the album cover registers, too. Eventually I will get an Ipod and all of this tedious and meaningless work will be redeemed with meaning and purpose.

I'm wearing all white today.

My brother, Joshua, is going to come here tomorrow, I think. That will be so great. I look forward to catching up with him and getting to know him more. I think he's changed a lot since I graduated and moved out. Neat.

Mary is in New York.

Sarah and I might go into business together.

Lately, I've been low on confidence when I'm around my church family. I don't know why.

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