Soup Kitchen

Right now, I am in the kitchen making Zuppa Toscana and crescent rolls. No better time to write a blogpost, right?

I really enjoy taking a break from work and reading to be in the kitchen. I want to learn how to cook good food. Nicole makes this soup really well. Hopefully mine will turn out pretty tasty, as well. 

So I'm a week away from the first day of my last semester at DBU. I'm excited to dive into my classes. I guess this is my last chance to prove my abilities and diligence during undergrad. 

My thesis is taking shape as a thought-baby right now. I've picked my topic, ordered some relevant books, and started the reading. My goal is to work on it every day. I will be writing about the philosophies of education found in Utopias. I'm really excited about this; I've been interested in reading more about this for over a year.

Soup's almost ready!

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