I made this dish this evening.  It is called BLTCP (bacon lettuce tomato cheesey pasta). The recipe is from allrecipes.com. Mitch said he liked it, as did I. I had to "cook" lettuce for it, something I had never done before. Using romaine and kale, I cooked the lettuce in the pot with olive oil. Smelled weird for a bit, but was quite good once it was done.

My apartment feels weird right now. Everyone is at a strange place in their lives, I think, or at least we are at strange places as an apartment. 

I wonder if I could knock out the rest of the work for my Old Testament class in the next two days. I would like to try so that I can devote the whole weekend to my thesis. I'm ready to be done with this class, especially since over it hangs the death of our dear professor, Dr. Nkhoma. 

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Alyssa Lynn said...

This looks so delightful!!! Great job :)