That's Just How I Feel About It.

Something Sarah Palin said the other night during the VP debate has been bugging me. You know I'm undecided still. Okay, maybe you do not know that because of my previous incessant blogging about Obama. I understand how you might not be quite clear on the fact that I am, indeed, still undecided. Anyway, I've watched all three debates so far looking for Mr. Right. I watched Palin have at it with Biden to see if she exuded competency and sound reason. She was composed and some degree of authentic.  But once, she muttered something along the lines of "It's all going to be okay." 

Hold it right there. I'm a big proponent of "It's all going to be okay" in individual situations. In that way I'm quite a fatalist and am resigned to thinking that things work themselves out and no matter what I can just be content with what God hands to me. Fate. BUT, on the larger scale--- NO! You are a statesman (eh, politician) to DO things. To fix! To legislate! To create! You cannot just smile, and think "shucks. This economic crisis sucks, but if I just sit back and ride this ticket to the White House, SURELY things will all be okay." 

I know I'm exaggerating. But someone in a necessarily active position doesn't get to be a fatalist. I do. You do. Not them. They HAVE to be movers and shakers because that is what they signed up for. Otherwise, it is not going to be okay. 

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