Advanced Thinking

I graduated.

I graduated from college and I feel good. The last few days have been spent nestled in east Texas. I'm trying to relax, catch up on movies I never got around to seeing, embark on my "novel" summer, recharge my soul. It usually works. This place is good for a body. The red dirt is good. The proud, straight trees are good. At night the stars pour through deep navy sky. I'm praying to see one fall before my eyes. That is how I know I'm okay.

Time is well spent here, though it lulls between the hours. My aunt taught me how to knit and I have some sort of green creation waiting for me on gold colored knitting needles when I have a minute or two. There are some mistakes in it, but it's amusing to stretch out what I've completed and see it taking shape. Up around down. Up around down. Down around up. Down around up.


Clark said...

I am so proud of you and your accomplishments. I know that this is only one of many milestones to come in your life.

I am lucky to have you as my best friend and am even luckier to have you moving to Waco. Another great step in our journey together.


Anonymous said...

all your recordings and observances are like scenes from my memories. a place i try to get back to. thank you baby