Weekend Update

This weekend was good and wild. I'm continually entertained with Mitch's antics when he comes up here. It was great to see him. We saw so many people together, too. I went to a couple of the DBU homecoming events. I'm betting these are my last ones to go to. Too bad they were also my first. The Rogers and Hammerstein performance on Friday night was enjoyable, except for the fact that the concession stand was open  (in the Burg) and they were selling odiferous popcorn, which really cheapened the nice event (the "Homecoming Gala"). Sunday was a blur with good familiar faces, drinks, laughs, and good conversation between intellectual friends. Saw a jazz band at the Winedale toward midnight. Amazing. I love Dallas. Praying about my future and trying to scope out a place to live and friends to live with. Good to know: can always rent a room in Professor X's extra rooms. 

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