first poem of march

This is my birthday month! Here is my first making of the month:

for Annie

On grey-skied days
when birds sing subdued
and flowers lament
When I'm apart from all
and stones groan in the path
on days mothers retreat
on pillows in the dark
When children sigh
and bitter is sweet
On heart-heavy days
when I am the island
and spiders rest from weaving
When he looks down
and longs for his little girl
----to come home
----to pick up the phone
----to send word
When what comes up the road is dust
and the rain grounds us
On brooding days in March
when my heart trembles
and sings like the cello
----Solace finds me
and I am home.


Jane said...

yes beautiful poem- really really. such beauty and bittersweet.

ExNihilo said...

that's so, so cool. my favorite part is "when my heart trembles
and sings like the cello"

so cool