Roy G. Biv

This weekend, I visited the the tiny town of (le) Burnet for the first real time since I moved away. Being there gave me a sense of closure about leaving. I am glad to be gone. Yes, I do miss the good families and friends that are now no longer close enough to ride my bike to go see. Yes, I miss the nature of a small-town and how it wraps one up with it's close borders and knows one better than you would think. However, it was a good decision to leave. The town is not the same. The church is not the same. I am not the same. Dallas living is making me happy.

Today, Mitch and I saw a new giant tree, a beautiful Cardinal, and a double rainbow on the way to school. My English professor sent me an email to tell me she was giving me a second chance to turn in a paper that is 10% of my grade. Everything is going to alright.

All things good and beautiful come from God. Amen.


monica said...

i'm going to new york! to see my boyfriend :)

Sarah said...

Hi Darling,

I appreciate that you appreciate me.

I love you.

Also, I think you can not read your bible. Not bad. The bible doesn't determine your relationship with God. Your experiences do. The way you use wisdom does.

To be honest. I am feeling attacked on all sides. I don't know why. It's affecting my body, and my relationships.

I have let my relationship dwindle because of my weak spirit. I don't know what that means for you.

I think we should just sit and be quiet.