sad news from the fish tank

My decision to take my fish to the big city was a good one. I'm glad I did not leave them behind in that empty room, and I am glad I didn't give them away. Mitch showed such kindness by catching all three fish-- Leigh, Blumarine (Penelope), and Happy (the Bastard), and placing them in a small container for the move. He cleaned out their dirty tank and filthy filter, and we packed it into our cars with the rest of my boxes and bags of belongings.

Upon settling into my apartment at DBU, I prepared new water in the fish tank and dumped the fish in, along with the water they had traveled in, because they were already used to it. I think they kinda went into shock for a little while. They soon recovered, for the most part.

Then, I attempted to get the filter going. This was to no avail, because I was soon to realize that the pump was broken. It would not suck in water. Mine and Mitch's efforts did nothing to fix the filter, and the fish were left swimming in dirty water, quickly using up the oxygen in the water. They each moved about slowly and differently. Blumarine swam all around the tank. Leigh swam an inch or two below the surface, sometimes rising to the top, and then sinking down an inch again. Happy, on the other hand, was not making the best of things. He was swimming around on his back, at the surface of the water. Now, that was NOT a euphemism for him being dead. Oh no, he was still alive, but he was choosing the breathe at the top of the water, and not move very much. Things were looking grim.

My mother and I went to Target to buy nice things and needed things for my apartment. We checked, but there weren't any fish tanks filters in the pet section. That night, after returning from watching "To Kill a Mockingbird" at Mitch's apartment, I walked into my apartment, and found that Happy was dead. He was still, and not sucking for air any longer. I lifted his heavy body out of the water with a container lid and carried him to the toilet, and flushed him away. It is sad that Happy did not survive the move. He will be missed.

Today I bought an even better filter. Mitch and I are going to buy a new fish.


Mr. Applebox said...

I would have to say that I am glad the GOOD fish are alive and well, and equally glad that Happy(the bastard) is dead, only because he ate my fish, and even if he didn't he will be blamed for it for eternity, and I very much enjoyed reading this blog.

Kacy said...

I don't remember what I was originally going to say because josh's comment made me laugh.

maybe it was just that I enjoy reading what you write. and I enjoy you. and miss you.

k. that's it. who's ready for mothereffingACLLLLLLL????///!11